Welcome to the crazy business of outer-space adventurers, skateboarding rabbits,
talking Lettuce’s and dogs that drink coffee. You can check out my drawings and pictures,
read my comic MAN FROM SPACE and other fun strips for FREE! Or maybe order a framed picture, a badge, or go crazy and commission something awesome! Anything goes my comics loving amigos!


I also do cartoon workshops in schools! I come in, we talk comics and cartoons, we draw
pictures of duck’s eating pizzas and we have fun! I also run School holiday ‘Cartoon clubs’
where we do the same kind of thing but in my Marc Makes Comics shop in the Macclesfield Heritage Centre. Just drop me an email for more information and like my page on Facebook
and follow me on Twitter for all the up to minute news!


That’s enough chat! Just remember, comics and cartoons are a whole lot of crazy fun,
that’s a fact. Look it up!




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